Alarm system

The merchandise you sell is often your revenue. Therefore burglaries are a big threat to the retail branch. Innotech designs, installs and maintains burglar systems, tailor made for your store. We also provide a connection to your monitoring systems through a (mobile) phone line or the internet.

Camera (Video surveillance system)

We do everything in our power to protect your merchandise, but in case an intruder does forces himself inside, it’s important to have a proper video surveillance system. Innotech can design a customized system with high definition images of the utmost forensic value. The system can also be used to manage your store and personnel.

(Drop) safes

Minimizing cash at your sale point is a must in retailing. Innotech offers drop safes to tackle this: an under-counter-safe which removes excess money from the till and prevents theft of large amounts of cash.

Anti theft systems (EAS)

To protect all your merchandise, Innotech offers a complete EAS system: tags (hard/soft/sticker), price labels, deactivators, detachers, built-in people counters and much more. When both EM and RF is needed we offer hybrid systems. If you already have a systems we gladly provide you with additional accessories.

Bandit fog machine

The time between the activation of a standard security system and the response of the monitoring station is crucial. To prevent introducers to seize their chance in these minutes, Innotech offers Bandit Fog. The fog is harmless, but takes away an intruder’s visual making it almost impossible to loot anything. What can’t be seen, can’t be stolen.

SDNA security

DNA spray/SelectaDNA (SDNA)

DNA Spray is an upcoming tool to fight crimes like burglaries, robberies and ram raids. Innotech Offers SelectaDNA (SDNA), an innovative DNA Spray system. Intruders get sprayed with harmless SDNA leaving invisible spray on their body. The spray can be recognized with a UV lamp and link a person to the crime. Results of SDNA are outstanding: the number of property crimes decreases in areas where the product is used and users of SDNA spray feel much safer.

Panic alarm systems

Informing a private monitoring system or other shop owners when an alarming situation occurs can be crucial for your shop and employees. Innotech can design a Panic Alarm Systems, adapted to your situation providing you and your employees safety and help at any time.