Alarm System

Your safety is our concert. Therefore personal contact is of paramount importance at Innotech. Our considered advice is based on our ten-years-plus experience in security and customized to your situation, preferences and needs.

All our system are installed and checked by a team of trained professionals. The systems are delivered with divers, extensive warranties and customer service.

Perimeter detection

Preventing an unwanted guest from entering your property, starts outside. The perimeter around your home should be the first barricade. This is the area where you want to detect an intruder and set your security in motion. A fence is often an exigency, but Innotech also recommends electronic detection. With electric detection a security company is informed right away and can take action the moment an intruder enters the protected fence. For more information and possibilities of perimeter detection, see our dedicated page about perimeter detection.


Important documents, cash or other valuable items are often stored in safes. Therefore these places need strong, reliable security. Innotech provides a large selections of safes, customized to the content of the safe. We offer digital safes, but also fire safes and are happy to advice you on this matter.

Panic Alarm systems

A safe feeling in your home is important to you and your family. Innotech offers a Panic Alarm System which can be connected to a private monitoring station. The Panic Alarm System is especially designed to your personal needs and your feeling of safety

Camera observation

Your residence is safer with cameras. This ssecurity solution proves to be one of the most efficient. More new text goes here.