Hospitality Sector


Hotel locks

From a tiny local hostel to a worldwide hotel chain: Innotech offers security solutions in every size. A striking lock which perfectly suits the characteristic design of your residence or a lock that fuses with your interior: Innotech has got you covered. If your existing lock is ready for an upgrade, we’re also happy to assist you. From simple to SMART and advanced: Innotech has a solution for every price.


Hotel safes

Naturally you want to give your guests the option to safely store their goods during their stay. Safes are the perfect solution: easy to operate in a room or an apartment. Adjusted to your wish, and of course those of your guests, we offer safes in several models and sizes. Big or small safes or safes especially designed for laptops: we’ve got tons of possibilities.

energy management

Energy management

Energy saving isn’t only an advantage for your wallet, it’s also great for the environment! With an energy switch it becomes easy to safe energy in an effective way. The switch can be connected to lights and other electronic devices. The moment a person inserts a keycard into the switch, all devices are turned on. When the card is removed, everything will automatically turn off again. This way you won’t spill any energy and save costs in an environment friendly way.

do not disturb

Don’t disturb!

The perfect innovation for the traditional ‘Don’t disturb’ sign on the door is the professional ‘Don’t disturb’ system (DNB System). With just one touch on the screen a guest can indicate that he/she doesn’t want to be disturbed. By activating the ‘Don’t disturb’ function the doorbell is automatically switched off as well. The system is a great solution to enhance the convenience and privacy of your guest while in the meanwhile making it easier for personnel to do their job.



A hotel lock is no longer just lock; it’s part of a whole security which meets your expectations and wishes and enhances the safety of your guests. Above that, our systems contribute to usability for personnel. Innotech has RFID, QR, NFC and Bluetooth solutions via two software platforms. Our system offer the variation needed to provide your hotel, hostel, resort or other residence a suitable security.