Nurse-call systems

Routine checks and the needless invading of a patient’s privacy lies in the past. Innotech offers innovative nurse-call systems which provide a reliable, care free system to improve healthcare. Staff or patients won’t be troubled unless it’s needed resulting in more time for staff to actually provide care.

Anti-wandering systems

One of the most challenging and dangerous issues concerning caring for people with cognitive loss, is wandering. A person could end up in unfamiliar areas without having any idea how to get home. For families, friends, but also for care facilities and homes this a big concern. Innotech recognizes this obstacle and offers strategies and systems to prevent a patient or loved-one from wandering off alone. We are happy to share our solutions and provide you with an advice, adjusted to your needs and abilities and those of the patient.

Acces control card reader

Access control

It’s import to be aware of who enters your building at what time. Innotech offers an Access Control System which grants entrance to anybody whose credentials are known in the system. The door unlocks for a predetermined time when entrance is granted and records who’s entering or leaving the building. When the door is forced or held open, the alarm activates automatically

Camera (Video surveillance system)

We do our utmost to prevent a break-in, but in case an intruder does forces himself inside, it’s important to have a proper video surveillance system. This can be used as evidence and help the police in their chase. Our surveillance systems are based on international standards and the latest innovations. All our system are customized to the client’s situation and needs.


Important documents, cash or other valuable items are often stored in safes. Therefore these places need strong, reliable security. Innotech provides a large selections of safes, customized to the content of the safe. We offer digital safes, but also fire safes and are happy to advice you on this matter.