About Us

Innotech Security and Automation is a privately held company started in 2011 by Geert Huisman (CPO) and Rogier van Steeg. Geert is now 100 percent owner of Innotech. His expertise ranges from small and alones systems to designing complete integrated security systems including intruder detection, perimeter detection, access control and cameras. With over ten years of experience, Geert has all the knowledge, contacts and experience to provide a security system for all needs.

Innotech works with well-trained personal who strive to find the best solution for every customer. We’re aware that personal is one of the main assets of our company and that’s why we constantly invest in enhancing our staff’s expertise by courses and workshops. The world is always developing and we realize more than anything we need to anticipate. Innovation is progress.

If you would like to find out more about Innotech please contact us